Have your Feet on the Ground, but your Business in the Cloud

In the past, business depended on local computers and servers to host applications, programs, deliver services, and store data.  Today there are a growing number of applications, programs, services and data storage that happens via the Internet, rather than on local machines.

There are certain advantages to Cloud Services; which are pushing most businesses incorporation of them.

No need for local infrastructure.    Since some applications run in the cloud, there is no need to for application servers, or even standalone versions of programs to load on local machines. This means the startup costs for implementing Cloud applications is very low.

Flexibility.  Most Cloud services allow for one or several users, storage, versions, program add-ons, etc.   Scaling from 5 employees to 50 is simple with most such services.  

Disaster Recovery.  Another great advantage of Cloud Services is that the data is usually backed up in the cloud automatically.  Office 365 can store data on OneDrive and share it between users.  This OneDrive is consistently backed up and versioned on the fly.  Also, since the content, applications and programs are online, the loss of a single machine does not affect the business functionality available in the cloud.

Automatic Software Updates.  Local applications always require updates.  Whether it is the individual employee or the IT tech (or ZenIT) addresses these updates, cloud based applications update automatically; so you are using the latest and greatest every time you login.

Security.   Most Cloud based services now offer two way authentication, granular security, and file level security.  Since all of this is managed in the cloud, there is a one stop shop for all the security settings and implementation.

So whether you are a small business or a large one, moving your business applications and programs and data to the cloud may increase your productivity, security, training, maintenance, with a lower upfront cost, and greater return on investment.  ZenIT can help you to identify, determine and purchase and deploy whatever cloud services and applications your business may require.