What Do Customers Want in their IT Provider?

What do customers want in their IT provider?  Pretty much what they want from anyone who delivers any kind of service.

Customers want to be VALUED.  Customers want to feel like you care about their needs, and that you’re emotionally invested in helping them solve their problems.  They want to feel listened to, understood, engaged, and respected.   

Customers want to have their issues addressed FAST.  The thing that frustrates customers more is being put on a lengthy hold, or having those who provide service make an appointment and they are late.  Normal prioritization means some waiting will happen, and that is expected. However, customers want some action, even if it is to be told they will be called back at a specific time or given a plan of action with precise times and dates to address their issues.

Customers want for service professionals to be COURTEOUS.   Customers don’t expect you to put on a song and dance for them, but they do expect you to be polite and respectful.  Having said that, one technician at ZenIT may have hummed a few verses to a customer.  

Customers want their service professions to have INTEGRITY.  What you are told will be done, will be done, in the timeframe specified.  It is when words and actions align that trust is built between the customer and service professional.  

Customers want a POSITIVE attitude.  No customer wants to hear "Oh my!  I'm not sure I can do that!"  They want to hear that you can get the job done.  They want no excuses, but solutions.

Customers want SKILLED and EXPERIENCED service.  Customers look to their service professionals as just that; professionals.  They are paying good money and want skilled and professional service.  

Customers want the LITTLE FINISHING TOUCHES.  They want you to go just a bit beyond the basic problem and add a little extra, like advice to prevent it happening again, a minor problem outside the scope of the original issue done, a shared tip or trick.  No customer wants to be nickle and dimed to death.  A little extra on the side is always appreciated.

We at ZenIT strive to give you everything that you desire in an IT professional; and a little extra on the side!