Why Computer Security is Important

We live in an ever increasingly connected world.  Everything from TVs to smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and even refrigerators, stoves, home heating and cooling, entertainment centers, everything seems to talk to everything else, and everything is ONLINE.

For the typical home user, security is usually regulated to their computers, and tablets and phones.  Yet, even these are very important as you financial records to the photos from the last bachelor party may be stored, and if compromised, do a lot of damage financially and even personally.  

For the corporate user things get even dicier.  Data stored on servers, on the cloud, and on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones can compromise intellectual property, confidential information, personnel and financial information.  The consequences can mean thousands of labor hours and tens of thousand of dollars or not more in addressing such a breach.

For both, threats can arise through Software and Hardware.

Software threats are viruses, malware, trojans, and any malicious code that can compromise your systems.  Most of these threats are neutralized or mitigated through the use of Anti-Virus / Web Security / Email Security programs.  The greatest predictor of infection or being compromised is a weak or missing security program!   

Hardware threats come through external, physical compromise or unauthorized addition to your company's IT infrastructure.  Examples of these can be USB keyloggers (which are flash drives that capture all keystrokes on a machine); open and unprotected tablets of phones which connect to your network and can run malicious code or harvest unauthorized data; physical intrusions where unauthorized people are using highly connected accounts or highly connected machines.  Most of these threats are dealt with through Mobile Device Compliance policies, Physical Access Policies, and Intrusion Response Protocols.

Computer security is so important that the best practice is to consult with an IT professional about your company's or even your personal computer security to make sure you are covered.

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