Alan McCullough, Zen IT Managing Member

Alan has more than 15 years of experience managing technology infrastructure and processes with a deep expertise in the printing and graphic arts industries.

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Karell Caldera, Zen IT Support Specialist

Karell works with Zen IT via our partnership with Liaison Resources, LLP. His experience supporting Windows systems is founded on his passion for computer gaming.


Steven D. Lee, Central Services

Steven has been supporting, implementing, and managing computers systems for 24 years.  He has installed and managed Microsoft IIS Servers, SQL Servers, MTS server, Cisco networks, OSX Networks, and Windows Workstations and Servers from Windows 3.11 to Windows 10 and Server 2012.

Dylan Lawless, Zen IT Support Specialist

Dylan has been working in the IT industry for almost 4 years now. He has experience with Linux, Macintosh and Windows platforms, as he uses Mac and Windows on a daily basis, whether it be troubleshooting issues for a customer or tinkering on his own plethora of personal computer builds.

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