Don't Cry Over Broken Glass


Recently Motorola released the Droid Turbo 2, which as far as specs go is a nice a phone but not really anything that is unheard of these days. The one defining feature that this otherwise not too special device features is shatterproof glass.

As many of us know personally, a broken phone screen can make for a really bad day. Whether it means that you can't contact the people you need to for work, or just that you can't play whatever game you are currently addicted to, it's no fun either way. The fact that Motorola came out with this technology is a game changer, and raises the question “Why did it take this long for someone to come up with this?!”

Hopefully in the near future more major consumer electronics manufacturers will be able to make use of this technology in both smartphone and tablet applications, making for a lot less tense moments when you accidentally miss your pocket or the cat knocks your device off the table.

Check out the video here to see how it matches up with the likes of Apple and Samsung when dropped from shoulder and hip height onto a hard surface.