I Just Need To Know

  (Applies to :  MacPro, MacBooks, iMacs, Yosemite)

(Applies to :  MacPro, MacBooks, iMacs, Yosemite)


Ever wonder what is on your hard drive but you don’t really want to download an app that you have to run and you can’t decipher stuff on it anyway?  

Haven’t you wished that Apple had put something in Yosemite that would just show you?

Well…They Have!

It’s as simple as going to the Apple Logo, clicking on “About This Mac” and choosing the “Storage” Tab.

You get a graphical representation of what kinds of data are filling up those crannies and cracks in your hard drive.  If you are running out of space, you can see what kinds of files are taking up the most space. 

In the example above, see those Audio and Movie colors on the BOOT HD SSD?  Moving some of those pesky critters out could seriously free up some space.