Next iPhone Likely Not To Have A Headphone Jack


In a very Apple-y move, the Cupertino company is looking at making the next generation of the iPhone without the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack that almost all devices have. They reportedly plan to include just one Lightning adapter on the device, meaning that if you were to use traditional wired headphones you would need a proprietary adapter to make them work.

The code for this part of the firmware also includes reference to a new form of wireless communication that is up to 100x faster than current Wifi, known as Lifi, which stands for “Light fidelity”. This new tech has the capabilities to speed up the communications between devices (such as the wireless headphones that you will need to purchase if you don’t want to use a wired adapter), but comes with a drawback: the new technology relies on a band of visible light, meaning that the devices need to be able to “see” each other, without there being anything in the way between them.

Time will tell if these rumors are actually true, but it would not be unlike Apple to push the envelope with budding new technology, in an attempt to create a smarter and more connected world. What do you think about this potentially revolutionary move?