Want Software? Go To The Company’s Official Website.


We all want the best discounts for software.  Whether it be new or upgrade versions, the call to trim a little fat off the IT budget is always attractive.   However, there are scammers, fraudsters, and malicious groups that create their own spoofed pages of the most popular software suites out there.  By clicking on a downloadable link you may be inviting malware into your system.

How do you protect yourself?

  • Go to the company’s official website when you are downloading a software package.  
  • Make sure it is the official website!  
  • Type in the URL yourself!  
  • DO NOT open up a link from email, no matter how legit the email looks.

Here are the official websites of the most popular software suites.

Microsoft Windows Download Center


Adobe downloads


Adobe Creative Suite Downloads


Norton Downloads


Autodesk Subscriptions


McAfee Downloads


Trend Micro Update


There are many more.

If you do not go through the official websites for these products, go through a trusted source.

Large software discount sites use third party digital content distributors.  Make sure they are trusted.   The following company is certified by Microsoft, Adobe, etc. for distributing their software.  However, it is not the only company used. 

If you are unsure or the company through which you are purchasing software or through the 3rd party digital software distributor, look it up through the BBB (Better Business Bureau https://www.bbb.org/)

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