Google Andromeda


Much like the way that Apple has tried to merge OS X and iOS into one entity with it’s latest release of mac OS Sierra, the Big G is expected to be trying to make a conglomeration of it’s popular mobile OS Android and it’s affordable laptop operating system Chrome OS. 

Many Android apps are already capable of running on Chrome OS natively as they both share the same Linux kernel at their heart, and they both offer many of the same features, one of the biggest differences in the fact that Chrome OS is designed to be used with a mouse and keyboard, while Android is touch-based. There are a few models of Chromebook that do feature a touchscreen already, but generally that makes for a more expensive device, not exactly the point of Chrome OS. 

The key features that are expected in the newly merged OS the adaptable interface and touch gesture support of Android, and the familiar file system of the desktop architecture. According to rumor this new OS is the result of adding Chrome OS features to Android, not vice versa. The project name for now is Andromeda, but like all other secret projects, don’t expect that to stick.