Disaster Recovery As A Service

No one wants to think about it, but disasters in technology happen. Whether it be a hard drive dying, a storm destroying a data center, or a motherboard taking a dive on you, it could happen to anyone. Having a good backup strategy is important, and having the ability to come back from this knockout punch and get back to work is the best thing that you could hope for.
Onsite backups are the first piece of this puzzle, but they are not able to help you in the event of losing your physical location to a disaster. This is where offsite cloud based services come into the picture, but some of these can take days or weeks to pull back down from the cloud, making them better suited to individual files instead of whole systems.
Enter true Disaster Recovery as a Service, or DRaaS, such as the one offered by Quorum. As the answer to this dilemma they make it possible to quickly restore a whole server from a cloud based backup in just a few hours, meaning you can get back on your feet fast enough to not miss a beat. Read more about the services offered by them here.