I Should Have Had An SSD

When thinking about a new laptop or desktop computer purchase, one of the cheapest but most effective upgrades you can purchase is a solid-state drive (SSD).  An SSD stores all data in memory; has no moving parts, and is fast.  A typical hard drive is essentially a metal platter with a magnetic coating that stores your data.  It has moving parts and takes time to spin up, position read heads, etc. and is slower than an SSD.
Like a hard drive, the SSD will store the operating system, applications, data, etc.  It is the storage center of your computer, and if it is fast, your computer will likely be fast. 
The price of SSD drives have come down so low that these days you can purchase a nice sized 250gb SSD for 100 bucks.   Most people won’t even come close to using all that space for their business (though if you are doing video production, or digital design you might want a larger drive than this.)  
An SSD PC will boot in less than a minute, and often in just seconds. A hard drive requires time to speed up to operating specs, and will continue to be slower than an SSD during normal use. A PC or Mac with an SSD boots faster, launches and runs apps faster, and transfers files faster.  Typically an SSD will perform 300% - 400% faster or even more than a typical hard drive.
So the best thing to keep in mind if you want speed is to get your computer installed with an SSD or upgrade your current computer to an SSD drive.