So Now I Am A Mac User? Now What?

So you just purchased a Mac.  Whether it be a Macbook, a MacPro, a Macbook Air, an iPhone, iPad, etc. now you need to know some places to turn to address concerns, purchase accessories, read reviews, and get some real world tips for making the most out of your machines.
Tech Tips / How To / Support Questions
Apple Support Communities
Find answers, ask questions, and connect with our community of Apple users from around the world.
Product Reviews / Get the Best out of…
“Your best source for all things Apple,”
Macworld is especially strong for comparative reviews of Mac and iPhone/iPad products
The Best Products and Marketplace for Accessories / New and Used Computers
Other World Computing
Maker of accessories and peripherals for Macs. They have a wide array of storage upgrade kits and memory upgrades that are guaranteed for life.
And Then There Is...
And if that wasn't enough, you can always go to 
and download yourself some fantastic cheat sheets, tutorials and explanations.