The New MacBook Pro Is Here!


After what felt like years (wait, it was years, 4 to be exact) of waiting for Apple to refresh the MacBook Pro line, the day is finally here! Here’s the low down on the new hardware:
As expected, the row of function keys on the top of the keyboard has been replaced by a multi-touch capable Retina OLED bar that can be customized to feature different content based on the application that you are running, or can be set to display the traditional function row. If you opt for the lower end model you don’t get this OLED bar and just get the traditional function row.
Also as expected, the trackpad has been enlarged and redesigned to feature ForceTouch technology, which some people love and some hate. Both versions feature this new tech, so love it or hate it, it’s here.
In addition to the big changes above Siri makes her debut on the new machines, the headphone jack is still there, and the i5 or i7 processor inside is cooled by a new architecture. There are also four Thunderbolt 3 ports, any of which can be used to charge the system, and with an adapter can function as USB, HDMI, VGA or DisplayPort, meaning extra expenses and extra cables will be a must. On the bright side, the 15” model will be able to handle running 2 5K Apple Displays simultaneously. 
Order your new MacBook Pro now for $1499 for the 13” with standard function keys, $1799 for the 13” with OLED Touch Bar, and $2399 for the 15” with Touch Bar. The base models will start shipping immediately, while the other higher end machines will follow in a couple weeks.