You Want Me To Use One Of Those Computers That Justin Long Advertises On TV?


In Multiple Transparent Colored Shells? Really?

Yes.   Yes.

I used to not like Mac’s at all.   They looked like toys.  There were comic strips where one was actually a regular character.  I couldn’t take them seriously.


My job required me to learn to use one.

I found it was not a toy.

I found it was suddenly bursting my PC bubble.


One thing I noticed immediately is that a Mac boots faster than a PC. 

I mean a lot faster.

There is nothing so frustrating as needing to find something online and print it out and having to wait 5 minutes for a PC to boot up.


The next thing was that the desktop layout was just logical. 

The Dock was customizable.  All settings happened through the System Preferences.


The Operating System was Solid as a Rock.

I had one grey screen on my Mac for every 10 Blue Screens of Death I had on my PC.

Recovery from such an error was easy.   Disk repair was easy. 


Carbon Copy Cloner was a Godsend in Backups and Recovery.

On the Mac you could clone the boot drive to another drive and actually boot off of that backup.   Something happens to your boot drive; replace it and clone the backup back on the new drive and you are set and running.


There are far fewer viruses that affect OSX than infect Windows.

Not being infected is so much better.  On a Windows machine, a moderate infection sometimes took hours to clean out properly.  There were several that took overnight.


Mac’s are built better than Windows Machines.

Being someone who built computers for a living, I can tell you that Mac’s have almost twice the operating lifetime as a comparable PC.  The laptops are sturdy, stress and shock resistant, and made with aluminum and steel chassis.  

There are so many other benefits, but these were the things that stood out for me.

If I only knew back in my snooty Windows is God days what I know now, I would have purchased a Mac a long time ago.