Radeon Announces New Graphics Card With Built-In Flash Storage


Radeon recently announced something they are referring to as the “art of impossible”, a new video card that incorporates a full terabyte of NAND flash memory for use in very large dataset operations. They are currently pitching the new device toward medical, oil and gas, and other industries that have very high needs for the processing power that the card can offer.

Whether sequencing genomes and mapping the brain, or creating very inclusive ground penetrating SONAR images to tell where precious resources are hidden, the card marks a breakthrough in the ability to show every last detail in a graphical representation of the data that has been collected.

The New Radeon Pro SSG is said to be able edit and play back 8K videos at an astonishing 90 frames per second, by using the nonvolatile memory directly on the card and going around the OS and the other components of the computer, unleashing the true abilities of the flash storage.