Firefox Isn’t Printing To My Default Printer!


While working with a customer recently I ran into a strange problem that I didn’t expect to see:

No matter what I did, Firefox just wouldn’t default to the default printer.

What I found after doing some research surprised me: Firefox is supposed to default to the last printer used, even if that is not the default printer, but this is still not what I had going on. I would set up the print job to go to the default printer and the next time I printed anything it would be back to the other printer again!

Frustrated I dug a little deeper and found the following article:, and there in the first set of instructions was my answer, that Firefox needed to have it’s printer reset, completely independent of the rest of the computer. After navigating to the about:config page via the address bar in Firefox and clicking past the warning that comes up I scrolled down through the entries and found the printer_printer entry, right clicked and reset it. Voila! Now the printer that came up was the default printer and all was well again.

Has anyone else ever run into this type of thing, share below!