Windows 10 Anniversary Updates


Hard to believe, but Windows 10 has officially been around for a whole year now. Though there have been some issues with people getting upgraded to Windows 10 when they didn’t want or intend to be, for the most part it has been a good OS, and has added features that were not around before, like Cortana. On July 29th the upgrade to Windows 10 will no longer be free, and will instead cost $120 out of pocket, so act fast if you have not upgraded but think you want to.

Some of the updates that will accompany the year mark for the OS include adding Cortana to the lockscreen of devices, making it an “always-on” feature that is ready to listen whenever you may talk to it.

In addition to this, Microsoft Edge will add the ability to have Extensions like many of the other popular browsers have had for some time. Windows Defender will also be getting more secure, adding the ability to do pre scheduled scans and provide a summary of what has been found.

If you plan to make the upgrade do so before time runs out! To read more about the new features that are being pushed out view the original article here.