Do you run WordPress? If so, you better run to Update it!

Millions of websites running WordPress are being strongly urged to update to the latest version of the popular content management system as soon as possible, after a serious security vulnerability was uncovered.  The vulnerability is a SQL-Injection is still an issue for all versions of Wordpress 4.8.2 and older.   

The newest version 4.8.3 plugs that SQL-Injection hole.

Do not assume that since your website is signed up for automatic updates that is indeed has been updated to the latest and the greatest.

If you are in doubt, contact your hosting company and ask; or if you host yourself, here is how to find out:

1.  Login to your admin area of your WordPress Site.

2. Look for the "Thanks for creating with Wordpress" line and next to it you will see the Wordpress version number.

Screen Shot 2017-11-28 at 2.00.09 PM.jpg

You can also go to your website and look at the "readme.html" page.  This should also show your version number.




If you need additional instructions on how to install a new update for Wordpress, you can find it here.

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