When your Tech Support Team includes those who Love Technology!

So what does it mean, when you have a problem, to be on the phone, or in an online conversation, or face to face with someone who loves technology?

First, realize that we who love technology have probably taken apart our own computers, laptops, phones, tablets to see how everything fitted together.  We are the ones who have pushed our computers to the ultimate performance.  We are the ones who crave to find just how much more we can get out of any technology platform, application, or program.

Second, realize that we who love technology have, in our explorations and tinkering, run into the same problems, made the same mistakes as you.  But because we love technology, we have worked and worked until we found the solutions to the many problems we had; and can share that experience to help address your problems.

Last, when you invite someone who loves technology in to help you with your technology issue, concern or problem, you are inviting that person to once again engage in the subject, the actions that they dearly love and over which they are passionate.

Think about this the next time you need tech support.  Do you want a person just holding down a job or just answering a phone; or do you want someone who loves technology and just waits for the opportunity to make that technology work better for you?

ZenIT loves Technology and we love seeing our customers succeed.