Can a Chromebook Replace Your Laptop?


With many offerings out there for significantly less than the price of a true fully-fledged laptop, the Google Chromebook is a tempting thing for many people, but can it really replace your workhorse completely, or will it fall short when you need it most?

Google has recently made the Google Play Store available for Chromebook users, with recent software updates making it possible to natively run Android applications on the hardware. This can be great for some apps, but for others it doesn’t work right just yet. Some applications work flawlessly with the mouse and keyboard approach, while others still require touch input to function. On higher end Chromebooks this is a non-issue, since they offer touch screens inaddition to the more traditional style inputs, but lower end devices that do not include this feature will just not work.

There are a plethora of productivity applications that can be found through Google Play, such as Microsoft Office applications and others, but these are much less full featured than the true desktop versions. This might not be a problem for some, while for others it could make them basically not worth their time.

One thing about these thin clients that people may or may not know is that they can be hacked to allow you to run Ubuntu Linux on them, meaning that if Chrome OS just isn’t your cup of tea you can actually change that around to be more usable, if you are fairly tech savvy.

What do you think about these inexpensive devices and the potential they do (or don’t) offer?

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