Windows 10: A Sharing Story


When setting up Windows, the usual process involves skimming the EULA's and accepting the terms, clicking a lot of Next, Accept and Connect buttons, usually helping you get started quickly. With Windows 10 however, the process is a little different.  
When setting up a new Windows 10 PC, if you look closely enough, there are now options to 'Customize' about every preconfigured setting on the machine. This ranges from sharing Update data with other PC's on the internet to improve the update process as a whole, to sharing your type data with Microsoft to improve web browsing. But what does that all mean? 
With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new platform for updates and information sharing from computer to computer, behind the scenes. By default, your computer will share issues and successes it has with updates, send diagnostic data to Microsoft for a better experience in the future, and it will even send certain location data for better advertisements on your web browser. 
If this sounds scary to you, find out here how to disable most of the tracking features on your Windows 10 PC: