NVIDIA To Make New More Budget Minded Graphics Cards

Everyone wants the very best and newest components for their computer, but sometimes the price of components makes getting the new piece of tech unrealistic. NVIDIA is aiming to change that with their new 1050 series of graphics cards.
The new GeForce GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti will start at $109 and $139, respectively. The price difference means that the 1050 comes with only 2GB of DDR5 memory, where the 1050 Ti comes with 4GB. For most purposes 2GB will make the cut, but for an extra $30 it would likely be worth going for the Ti model. Another difference is in the amount of CUDA cores, the 1050 having 640, while the 1050 Ti has 768. 
The downside to these new less expensive cards is that they are not rated to be “VR Ready”, but if that is not on your list of priorities than it is worth considering them. Though not labelled “VR Ready”, it is likely they will still actually meet the minimum requirements for VR that Oculus has released recently.