Windows 10 is Too Messy!


Do you ever get the feeling that Windows has just become too complicated?  Remember the good old days when you just had icons and clicked on them to get stuff done?  Remember when the start menu was short and manageable.  No searching needed for your applications.

Well, there are a few things you can do to start simplifying Windows 10.

Start Simple by Simplifying START

First, look through all the applications and applets that are stuck on your start menu.  You can start pruning what you wish to stay and what you wish to go by right clicking on the icon and choosing “Unpin from Start.”. You would be amazed how many little icons you will never use you can unpin.

Get rid of that LIVE Tile thing. Live is Dead to Me!

Another thing that some people do not like is the live tile feature. Now you may wish to keep “Weather” live so it shows the current conditions outside, but why would you want a live “Photos” or live “News”.  You can also right click these panes and choose “Turn Live Tile Off.”

I Don’t Need Virtual Help!

One feature in Windows 10 is Cortana. It is a virtual assistant that can help create reminders, find files and more.  However, it can be a pest when you don’t want it to listen to you and it does and does something unexpected First, you can hide it by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting “Cortana” and then “Hidden.”

To turn it off you can launch it from the search bar and from the left pane click the “Settings” button.  Then under Cortana (the first option) slide switch to “Off.”

I Just Want it to Look Like Windows 7 Again!

While there are several step by step instructions to make Windows 10 look like Windows 7, there are some great little utilities out there that do it all for free.

Let’s start with the shell.  The program  Classic Shell lets you customize the start menu, change the start button, use various skins and themes, and change many of the status toolbars for File Explorer, Internet Explorer and others.  I have used it before and it make it look and feel exactly like the good old Windows 7 startup menu.

Sometimes progress is good.  Other times, it if works, don’t fix it.  You can be the Windows 10 gizmo a plenty user or a Windows 10 – Just the facts user, and everything in between.  It’s all your choice.