A Simple Crossword

Here is a simple crossword puzzle with some hints thrown in to help you fill it out.



4. A place you can go back to if things get bad


1. When you are in a corner and can't go forward.
2. What to do first
3. A Reboot option you can use to troubleshoot.


1.  "CallZen"  - That's right.  When you are tackling a computer issue and cannot go forward, call ZEN (512-628-0393 x5)

2.  "Reboot"  - Actually, rebooting solves most problems with Windows PCs.  I would say in my experience, that it solves over half of common errors.

3.  "SafeMode"  - Rebooting into Safe Mode in Windows does a lot of things.  It only loads the minimum drivers and programs necessary to boot the system.  It also resets a lot of 

hidden or background caches, temp files, environment variables.   It is also the best mode to boot into if you are scanning and trying to clean viruses.

4.  "RestorePoint"  - If System Restore option is turned on on your PC then you can always reboot and restore from the last known good Restore Point at a time that everything worked on your system.  This sets back the OS but does not affect your data files at all.  Your documents, spreadsheets, etc. will still be there even after a Restore Point is used.