OSX: I Was Surfing And I Got This Virus Warning And It Locked Up Safari!

So there you are trying to look up the latest recipe for fish fingers and you go to a cooking site and you see:


Don’t Panic.

This is a SCAM that is perpetrated on computer users.  If you are running OSX most of the time it means you are not yet infected.   However this kind of message DOES LOCK UP SAFARI forcing some people to click that OK button.  DO NOT click the OK!!!!

Immediately do the following:

Use the Key Combination ofOption + Command + ESC to bring up the Force Quit Applications window.


Choose Safari or whatever browser you are using and click Force Quit. 

Now it’s time (and I hope you have some Anti-Virus program running) to do some scanning to make sure you are not infected.

Remember, if any website freezes on you and you cannot move between tabs or do anything, this same trick applies.  Just force quit.