Shut the Front Door - Powering Windows 10 Down

Shut the Front Door

Have you ever just wanted to shut everything down.   It has been a long day and you just want to power off, hit the road, and forget today ever happened.

Well, there are a couple of shortcuts to powering down your Windows 10 system without just pulling the plug.

This Combination Feels Altered.  Alt + F4

You can directly shut down your window PC by pressing the key combination Alt + F4.  This immediately brings you to the Shut Down Windows screen and defaulting to “Shut Down”.  However, you can change this to Reboot if you wish.  Just hit OK and your computer will shut down.

Run Down

You can also use the RUN command to shutdown.  Open Run program from pressing Win + R keyboard button. Type shutdown /s and press enter for shut down your window machine.

X Marks the Spot

This method works in Windows 10 only, but is perhaps the most fun.  Press the Windows Key and the letter “X” and the start menu will go directly to “Shut Down or Sign Out” and just choose “Shut Down” and your machine will power off.

I am sure you wish to try all these ways to power off your Windows computer and feel that rush of power. 

Happy Computing.