Flash over Substance?

We all know the benefits of using Flash for surfing the Internet; animations, enhanced content, visual effects, skins, etc.   it does enhance the surfing experience, but…

Adobe Flash has some drawbacks when running on both OSX and Windows machines that may make you rethink having it on your system.

One drawback comes when Flash is loaded in OSX machines.  Flash is known to slow down Safari (web browser) considerably.  One indication of this is looking at the activity monitor and seeing “Kernal_Task” taking more than 100% of the CPU consistently.

In Windows 8 & 10, Flash sometimes fails to register and upon rebooting, it consistently asks to be installed again. 

Again in Windows, Flash is embedded in Chrome, but takes a significant hit memory utilization when running Flash content.  This can also slow down your system.

The largest drawback using Flash is that it has been used in the past to hack into machines.  Several vulnerabilities have been discovered and used to infiltrate, infect, and compromise systems.  While Adobe has always responded with a fix to this, it only takes one infection to cost you and your company money, time and resources. 

Many times this is accomplished when visiting a site and you see a notification Remove "Warning! Your Flash Player may be out of date"  Clicking on this allows hackers to download their own code and infiltrate your system.

Due to these many vulnerabilities, Microsoft even recommends not installing or removing flash player from business servers completely.

Well, I don’t want it anymore!

If you care more about performance and security than Flash content there are solutions for you.

Luckily Adobe has a removal tool that will strip out Flash from both Windows and OSX.

For Windows users (not including the embedded flashin Edge or Internet Explorer) you can find the instructions and download on the following:


For OSX users you can find similar instructions and downloads at:


Should I scrub FLASH out of all my devices?

This is really a judgment call.  On tablet computers or personal computers not connected to a business network, you may see enhanced content, gaming, entertainment etc. to be worth the risk Flash may present.  It is up to you.