Keeping Your Technology Lean and Green

Recycling old hardware isn’t enough. Green tech policies are intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. This means approaching design and process from an environmentally conscious perspective. 

Take a close look at daily operations like printing policies, file sharing and securing data and change them to be cost-saving and energy reducing.

One of the easiest policies to adopt is reducing paper usage in the office to the bare minimum.  This can decrease waste and increase savings to the tune of roughly 10,000 sheets of paper per worker per year!  For documents that must be printed, the vast majority can be shredded and recycled.

Next, consider how your data and documents are stored. Paper-based forms are time-consuming, expensive, and easily lost. Electronic forms can save you time and paper as well as reducing storage and shipping costs.

Use scanners and cloud storage for archiving old documents.  Not only are electronic filing systems easier for multiple employees to access, they mean savings in your budgets for office equipment like fax machines or filing cabinets.

Going paperless is a good first step, but there are also energy-efficient hardware solutions.

Even servers can be updated to save space and energy through a process called virtualization. Several virtual servers can run on a single physical server at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase and maintain the same number of physical machines.

Another energy conscious option is to use a terminal server and “thin” clients. A terminal server is a network device that enables multiple connections to client systems, and “thin” clients are just what they sound like: lightweight computers purpose-built for accessing a terminal server which holds most of their computational power. The terminal server does all the “processing” while the thin clients require barely more power than a monitor to deliver necessary business functions. 

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