Steven has been supporting, implementing, and managing computers systems for 24 years.  He has installed and managed Microsoft IIS Servers, SQL Servers, MTS server, Cisco networks, OSX Networks, and Windows Workstations and Servers from Windows 3.11 to Windows 10 and Server 2016.

He has implemented computer security for production, testing and development servers; and managed fault-tolerance, network load sharing, enterprise infrastructure testing and scaling, backup and disaster recovery. He has assisted in implementing HIPAA and Medicare compliant networks, systems and data confidentiality infrastructures.

Steven brings Zen IT in-depth troubleshooting skills, complemented by his many years of customer support.

Steven graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Psychology; yet manages to work well with both machines and people.

To relax, Steven writes, plays piano, created digital art, throws pottery, and plays guitar.